The company's third new product in 17 years - all plastic sweeping brush


 Anhui ward brush industry co., LTD. Newly developed automatic plastic inner ring brush production line, only 2 people operation, nissan snow brush 1600. The brush is made of high strength imported raw materials, high anti-wear plastic brush made by turbocharged special drawing process, and the inner ring is made of German imported PP material.

 Features of plastic sweeping brush:

 1. Durable, wear time of 160 to 210 hours, 3.4 times of the domestic ordinary steel wire snow brush;

 2. Once formed, the brush and inner circle are integrated, and there is no problem of peeling and lodging.

 3. Weather resistance, the product is not deformed or brittle fracture at 80 degrees Celsius - minus 45 degrees Celsius.