It is important to remove the snow roller for proper installation


 Snow removal roller use effect is related to many factors, such as sweeping brush wire material, sweeping brush surface level off, brush plate quality and so on, these factors are affecting the use effect of snow removal roller, at the time of installation do reasonable installation can maximum limit raise the use efficiency of snow removal rolling brush and longevity.

 One of the most critical factors for the proper installation of a snow roller is the installation Angle, which is often referred to as the installation inclination of the snow roller. A reasonable slope can greatly improve the cleaning effect of snow removal rolling brush, and to prolong its service life is good, because a reasonable Angle will be of utmost reduce the snow removal roller friction with the ground, so as to reduce the wear and tear.
 When snow removal work roller, at a certain speed spinning process, matching the absolute velocity on the ground is the clean vehicle speed and snow removal roller rotates the synthesis of linear velocity at speed. In other words, the direction of the absolute speed in the area of the snow removal brush is consistent with the period of the size, so that the most permanent use of the snow roller brush can be obtained.
 Snow removal roller extended use and cleaning efficiency, speed, and even the life of the sanitation trucks are associated with installation of good or bad has a direct, so we should pay more attention to and attention snow removal reasonable installation of roller.