Choose to brush the roller blade to pay attention to the fastness of the brush


 The scrolls are one of the types of sanitation brushes, and together they can be assembled and assembled into a sweeping brush. In some places, because people call it different, they sometimes call the sweep roller to sweep the snow brush.

 Even in the case of a large amount of snow, the work of the brush roller, which is made up of sweeping snow brush, is satisfactory, which is the reason why it is followed by the "folding of a chopstick". Although snow brush brush is very different with other industry, operation situations from a wide variety of job processing on the urban road, but in the choice to sweep it with the industrial brush brush piece of have a lot in common.

 Choose snow brush brush the same piece should pay attention to the robustness of, can't appear in the process of using hair removal as the phenomenon of dropping, otherwise will form the second pollution to the environment, and the snow brush full end usually early, and then have to replace the new brush, there is no doubt that adds to the operation of the capital. However, the common people have the problem of brushing off the brush, which is suspected to be the problem of the quality of the brush itself, but it is not thought that the same process can lead to the occurrence of the phenomenon.

 There are three kinds of hair removal techniques, which are directly planted, surrounded and nylon.

 In the meantime, the method of direct planting of hair is the oldest one, which is to cultivate the brush directly on the roller, the strength is higher, not easy to show the phenomenon of depilation. However, it is relatively expensive and cannot be partially replaced. The processing method of nylon sleeve is the most abbreviated, but the intensity is not high, the hair density is the most severe, usually easy to present the problem of depilation. The surrounding type is a method for the cultivation of wool from abroad, which can be wrapped around the wire, first around the metal strip, and on the roller, the same defect is not high.

 Given the role of the above process has obvious difference, so in the choice of snow brush at prior to ask specific flocking method, and prevent the attack in the process of using hair removal problem.