Knowledge of steel brush roller and common grinding brush roller


 Used in the process of PCB manufacture abrasive brush roller according to the function can be divided into two categories, namely the brush roller and cleaning brush roller grinding, and grinding brush roll is the vast majority, cleaning brush roller in just finished the last cleaning or abrasive to clean after use, quantity is less, so collectively known as the brush roller grinding.
 The grinding brush roller is divided into three categories: nylon needle roller, nonwoven brush roller and ceramic brush roller, which have characteristics in use.
 Nylon needle roller, as the earliest roller of PCB manufacturing industry, has a long history. According to the manufacturing process, it can be divided into five kinds: steel band winding, weaving, slotting, round hole embedded and rubber plate implantable. Steel strip coil type, weave type and round hole embedded three manufacturing process ensures nylon needle brush filament yarn density and can control the uniformity of nylon needle brush wire, so can completely meet the different needs of various customers.
 Nylon needle brush roller press nylon brush yarn containing abrasive abrasive is divided into different silicon carbide (SIC) class, alumina abrasive and pure nylon (ALO), both guangxi carbide and aluminum oxide the granularity distribution range is between 25 # - 1500 #. Nylon needle roller is characterized by long service life and moderate grinding effect.
 Non-woven brush roller is a kind of brush roller used in the late selection of PCB manufacturing industry. According to the manufacturing process, it is divided into three types, namely, Flap type, Disk type, and Sponge type. (Flap type) and Disk type (Disk type), because of the different combination of materials, density and processing technology, it can meet the different needs of all kinds of customers.
 Ceramic brush roll into PCB manufacturing industry new trend in recent years, this kind of brush roll is particularly suited to plug hole ink removal and PTH post-processing, but because of its cost is too high, plus the latest nonwoven fabric brush roller and developed similar functionality to brush roller, brush ceramic roller market share remains to be the cost of this kind of brush roll after further reduction will be further expanded.