Snow removal roller


Snow removal roller

    Plastic ring wafer brush

    Product description

    Material for ring: Imported Polymer

    Inner diameter: 76 mm- 275 mm

    Outside diameter: 320mm - 1186 mm

    Material for bristle: Poly.

    Poly specifications: HSPP, PE, Nylon, PVC.   Diameter: 0.8 mm-4.0 mm.

    Fixation: Hot melt, Separate injection glue, Stamping.

    Product Features:


    Advanced production technology:

    1) Independent intellectual property rights fully automatic production line, the bottom of the hot molten, plastic injection, stamping from rapid injection molding.

    2) Structure is more solid, bristles have never fall off or collapsed.

    3)  Neat bristle, uniform contact with the ground, beautiful and durable.

    Unique Bristles formula:

    1)  Enhanced high-strength polymer filaments, its hardness reaches 23 HRC Rockwell, the low temperature embrittlement point is -55 degrees Celsius, and the wear resistance is three times that of ordinary filament.

    2)  The inner ring of high-strength synthetic polypropylene, high weathering performance, not brittle, toughness is not easy to break.

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